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Natasha Fletcher


   Giving people struggling with anxiety the tools they need to feel calmer, happier & more in control.

You’re a strong, driven career and family focused individual. You’re all about working hard and taking care of those closest to you.

To the outside world you have it all. You’ve been successful in life, and you have loving friends and family surrounding you.

You have a great life and lots to be grateful for.

But… on the inside your struggling. You’re wearing a mask, hiding how you really feel.

Whether it’s panic, anxiety, excessive worry, stress, overwhelm or negative past experiences, you’ve been pressing snooze on all the warning signs hoping things will get better on their own. Sometimes they do get a little better and you forget about them but they always seem come back and they’re impacting on your life and stopping you enjoying all you’ve achieved.

You know thatIt’s time to get a little help and guidance. 

I know why you feel like this but more importantly I can help you break free from this pattern

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Meet Natasha

Welcome, I’m so glad you are here. 

I’m an Internationally recognised Psychotherapist, Anxiety & Trauma Recovery Expert. And I have over 15 years experience in the behavioural change industry helping hundreds of people like you manage anxiety, panic, stress, pressure and overwhelm.

That means I’m an expert in a range of techniques, which I combine for personalised, tailored treatments to deal with a number of issues you might be facing. So whether it’s helping you to find freedom from negative emotions, stress, pressure and unhappiness or increase your mental strength, resilience and life balance, I can help you do just that. 

As an accredited psychotherapist and with a background in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, Eye Movement De-sensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR), Solutions Focused Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and Mindfulness I want to use all of my experience and expertise to help you start making changes that last.


“Natasha has a way of getting to the root cause of the issue and helping you see things in a totally new way. She radiates such a calming energy and puts you at ease straight away.”


I’m Natasha and I’m so pleased that you have found your way here. Seeking out help is a courageous step and the first step in feeling better and making those all important changes in your life.  Perhaps you’ve been struggling for a while or perhaps new life circumstances have brought some issues to the surface. Either way it’s time for you to get a little help and guidance.

There’s no need to worry, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. I will guide you through the process using proven strategies and  techniques. With a sprinkling of humour we may even be able to have some fun along the way.  Together we will get you from where you are to where you want to be, even if you don’t quite know where that is just yet. 

I’ve helped hundreds of people like you manage anxiety, panic, stress, pressure and overwhelm.  I understand the specific problems that come with having what seems like a great life on the outside but struggling underneath.

With a background in CBT, Hypnotherapy,  EMDR, Coaching, RTT and mindfulness  I’m passionate about tailoring treatment to you and your individual circumstances. My unique approach of combining techniques from all of these areas produces powerful changes.  I have a focus on the present and incorporate lots of practical tools, techniques and exercises into our sessions. 

I offer exclusive online appointments to ensure that you always have time for your session. no matter where in the world you are or how busy your schedule. Technology is here to help us, so let’s use it!  If something comes up or your child care cancels you can stay on track! If you prefer a face to face option then I offer appointments at my Nottingham bases. I can travel to you on request. 


What’s brought you here? I’d love to know.

But heres a few guesses

That effortlessly together life that everyone sees- Not true it comes with a whole lot of stress and pressure

That “I can cope” aura you give off- Not always the case

You’re not able to fully enjoy your life and you success

You’re subconsciously blocking your self in some way

You’e looking for a way to bring more joy or success to your life

There’s things in your past that are unresolved

You feel guilt a lot of the time

You’ve been through a difficult life change and you just need to talk about it and work out how to move on

You’ve started feeling low more than you feel happy

Your moods are up and down

You feel on edge a lot of the time

 You’ve become obsessed with things like checking or your health

Your worry is starting to get excessive

You’re angry a lot of the time and you don’t know why

You went through a hard time and you think you might have trauma symptoms or PTSD

You’re taking medication that you don’t want to be on forever

You’ve seen a therapist, and whilst it was helpful the sessions were’t long enough or you just didn’t connect

 Issues I commonly work with



Panic attacks

Anxiety episodes

Stress and burnout


Feeling on edge

 Increasing confidence and self esteem


Fears and Phobias

Confidence for exams, interviews presentations

High functioning anxiety

Anxiety and worry because of life transitions

Trauma and feeling on edge

Health anxiety

Social Anxiety

Excessive worry


Performance anxiety

A general sense of unhappiness and unfulfillment

“I’ve never really felt understood like this before. Natasha just “got” me and helped me make sense of what was going on in a way that I couldn’t have on my own.”

Freedom From

Negative Emotions

Feeling low, Anxiety, Panic

Frustration, Stress

Burnout, Loss of Purpose

Loss of connection

Guilt and shame

Emotional numbness or feeling needy

Negative Thoughts

Not feeling good enough,

Lack of self confidence,

Self doubt, feelings of failure

Not feeling emotionally or mentally strong enough

Overthinking and worrying

Negative Behaviours

Bad habits

Self sabotage



Pushing people away

Unhelpful ways of coping

Work With Me

  Free Connection Call

When you’re looking for a therapist or coach there are so many out there and so many different types of packages being offered. If you want to take some time to explore whether my services could help you or you just want to see if we click why not book a totally free connection call

No pressure no commitment just a chance to see if we can work together.

One to one Sessions

Your’e ready to make some changes in how you feel but you need some help and guidance along the way. As a highly confidential, flexible and supportive therapist I offer bespoke and individually tailored therapy sessions.

Ideal if you want to talk things through, reflect on the things that have been happening for you and you want practical tools and techniques to  help you cope.


Just WOW

When I came to see Natasha I had been having counselling for quite some time. The counselling had been good in that it helped me start to understand how all of my childhood experiences had impacted upon me, why I tended to worry a lot of the time and why (even though I was outwardly successful) I didn’t ever really feel good enough. This new understanding was great but I didn’t really know what to do with it. I understood it all but it didn’t stop me feeling the same. I wanted some practical help to move me on to the next level from understanding to feeing myself from it’s hold. 

I opted for RTT and some CBT coaching sessions. All I can say is WOW. 

The RTT was so powerful and really helped me see how my parents had loved me but not really been able to show it at the time. I was able to forgive them, forgive myself and start t move on. I felt able to have an open and honest conversation with them for the first time and now our relationship is improving every day. We used our coaching / CBT sessions to focus on my worry and how to manage it. I did have to out in a lot fo work and really challenge myself but I’m happy to say that I don’t worry half as much as i did. I’m able to let my hair down a little bit and start to enjoy myself. 

If you have the chance to work with Natasha, just do it. Its really had a positive impact on my life and I can’t recommend her enough. 

Anon- Nottingham UK


Thank You

I had been working in a high pressured job just outside of London. At first I loved it, loved the busy days, loved the social side, loved the money and loved my life,  was lucky. But, I slowly started to become stressed, burning the candle at both ends was taking it’s toll. I ignored it to begin with but the physical symptoms became so bad that I started to take time off work. I accidentally got pregnant but was so happy. I couldn’t wait for the baby and to start our new life. Unfortunately I lost the baby at 10 weeks and I was left devastated, around the same time my mum became sick and I felt so overwhelmed. I decided to leave my job, return home and stay with my family for a while. 

it was then that I found Natasha. I didn’t know what I needed or wanted, I just knew I needed some support. She was so caring and supportive and even made me laugh on our first session (in between the crying). I decided to have 12 weeks of CBT & coaching. We talked things though, mapped out what had gone wrong, decided what I wanted and how I wanted life to look and she supported me in starting my journey on the right path. I’m protective of my health and my mental health now and no longer feel guilty putting myself first. I know what a good, balanced life looks like for me and I’m closer to that now than I have ever been. I’ve gone from feeling washed up and a failure at only 37 to feeling like my life has just begun. 

Anon- Derby UK

I am so happy that I came to see Natasha

It’s funny but I didn’t really ever identify with experiencing trauma. at times during my childhood my mother was mentally unwell and I often had to go to live with my grandmother. I also witnessed quite a serious accident where a child died when I was just 9. I always thought trauma was for people who had been hurt deliberately or been in a car accident or something like that.

Natasha helped me see that there doesn’t have to be blame in trauma and that people can be traumatised by accident or by people that love them dearly. We are especially vulnerable as children. I initially just wanted help with panic attacks as the therapy I had with the NHS didn’t work for me. I didn’t link my panic with my past experiences at all. it seems obvious now but at the time I just didn’t  Natasha was kind and caring and she skilfully helped me link my past with my present. 

We saw each other for 12 sessions and used a number of different techniques. We did rapid transformational therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and eye movement de-sensitisation. 

By the end my panic attacks had reduced significantly which was my original goal but also I feel so much lighter, so much more positive and so much happier. I didn’t realise all the weight I was carrying until Natasha helped me lift it off. 

I am so grateful for my time with Natasha and would urge anyone thinking of seeing her to at least book in one session. 

Anon- Sheffield UK

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